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SAMCO is a discounted broker offering trading platforms and investment services for different segments. It also provides margin funding and loan against share. It has an active client base of 73,324 till August 2022.

Product Basket

The segments in which you can invest (includes Equity, Commodity, Currency, Futures and Options) through this broker

Brokerage Plans (Single Plan)

1 or more plans offered by this broker, which outlines, Account opening and maintenance fees charged by this broker, Brokerage charges and Margins provided. Use plan switcher to see the difference in offerings, if multiple plans are available.


Account Opening Charges


Account Maintenance Charges

₹ 400

Call & Trade Charges

₹ 20

Equity Delivery Brokerage


Equity Intraday Brokerage


Equity Futures Brokerage

₹ 20

Equity Options Brokerage

₹ 20

Currency Futures Brokerage

₹ 20

Currency Options Brokerage

₹ 20

Commodity Futures Brokerage

₹ 20

Commodity Options Brokerage

₹ 20

Equity Delivery Margin


Equity Intraday Margin


Equity Futures Margin


Equity Options Margin


Currency Futures Margin


Currency Options Margin


Commodity Futures Margin


Commodity Options Margin

Trading Platforms Learn More

Set of software & applications offered by the broker for executing buy and sell orders online. These are names of their portals and mobile apps, for full desc- Full Platform Details.

Samco Desktop Trading Platform StockNote Web RankMF

Advantages and Strengths of this broker.

  1. Customers can pledge shares in their Demat account for extra margin.
  2. A Guest user who does not have an account with SAMCO can use Stock-Note mobile trading app.
  3. Offers online pledging and un-pledging of stocks.
  4. Provides many tech-based tools for both traders and investors to maximize profits and minimize risks.

Disadvantages of this broker that it needs to improve upon.

  1. They provide only Regular plans on Mutual Fund investment.
  2. Charges are high on Pledge/Closure/Invocation Demat.
  3. They charge an extra fee for call & trade.
  4. NRI trading account facility is not available.
  5. Free delivery on brokerage is not available.
Additional Features

Extra features provided by the broker at little or no extra cost. Like research reports, SMS alerts etc.

3 in 1 Account
Free Trading Calls
Free Research Reports
SMS Alerts
Margin Funding
Margin Against Share
Other Investment Options

Services provided by the broker for investing in other financial assets such as Mutual funds, Insurance, Bonds etc.

Mutual Funds
IPO Platform
Bonds & Debt
Exchange Traded Funds
Finology Ratings & Reviews for Samco

Ratings are provided based on customer service, usability, charges and overall average. Reviews are based on positive and negative aspects of the broker that help you understand this broker better.





Customer Service


Charges Review

  • Samco offers flat brokerage charges.
  • Equity delivery is not free.
  • They have different margin plans for which a premium is charged.
  • The call & trade charges are inclusive of RMS Square Off charges.
  • Samco provides various services such as profiling service, monitoring service, rating service etc. for free.

Customer Service Review

  • Samco provides support over call & email, but as per customer reviews, the response is delayed.
  • Chat support is not available.
  • They offer an option to raise a ticket.
  • FAQs are categorically available on the website.

Ease of Use Review

  • The trading platforms are user friendly and allow guest login (if you do not hold an account with Samco, still you can use it).
  • As per customer reviews, the mobile application is a bit slow as compared to the website.
  • Back office is not integrated with the trading platform.

Account Opening Procedure Review

  • The online account opening process is easy for individual accounts.
  • Submitting a physical copy of the POA form is mandatory.
  • The offline process is cumbersome and time consuming.
  • They do not have much physical presence and do not support NRI accounts as well.

Why Choose Samco? Know Everything about Samco here.


Samco provides advanced trading platforms and analytical tools for free. They provide various margin plans which are chargeable. Educational content in the form of text and video tutorials is available on the website. An additional advantage for the traders is provision of margin against shares.

If you are a Trader, the broker provides you with

  • Samco offers various margin plans for the traders to choose from.

  • A unique facility, BTPT (Buy today, pay in two days), that enables clients to buy stocks in delivery by just paying a fraction of money (margin) and the balance in two days.

  • A risk analyzer (Risk Monitor), which tells how much risk the trader has taken, this can help in reducing the imbalance, and it also helps with sectoral allocation, over-diversification, unrated stocks, etc.

  • ‘Caution stock watchlist’, which reduces the chances of Pump & Dump schemes by fake research callers and hence reduce market risk.

If you are an Investor, the broker provides you with

  • ‘Stock Basket’, a pre-created basket of stocks, with research-backed recommendations by experts is exclusively available for Samco’s customers. 

  • To help investors judge the quality of stock, Samco rates them from ‘AAA’ to ‘Penny Stock’

  • Another tool, ‘SAMCO Risk Adviser’ which helps to reduce the risk exposure through reflecting weaknesses in an existing portfolio.

Trading Tools

Samco Desktop Trading Platform

Samco NEST Trader is a downloadable EXE based application that is available for the Windows system. It provides perfect stability and speed for desktop users. It facilitates order placing across different exchanges through a single platform, and also provides different charting tools along with huge historical data with other add-on tools for notifications.

StockNote Web

A browser-based trading platform to simplify the experience of customers in trading as well as investing in stocks and commodities that is powered by Giga Trading Engine. It provides notifications & alerts along with trending StockNote feed updated on the stock market happenings.

StockNote - Mobile Application

It is a trading app available for free for both android and iOS users. It enables customers to buy and sell stocks in different segments like equity, F&O, commodity, and currency markets and provides real-time market news, financial charting tools, various indicators, and much more.


The long-term stock-investment platform that provides ready-made baskets of stocks based on investment goals and risk averseness. Investors can choose from the 28 StockBaskets and invest in a single click.


The mutual fund investment platform that provides recommendations based on its proprietary rating and ranking system. RankMF evaluates the entire universe of mutual funds daily based on over 20 million data points. It also offers smart investment tools like SmartSIP, SmartSwitch, and research-based baskets of mutual funds.

Samco Star

The back-office platform that provides valuable insights to customers about their trading & investing activities. Clients can obtain detailed trade and portfolio summaries, P&L statements, transaction ledger, and a lot more in Samco Star.

Charges Details

For Equity 






Transaction Charges

₹ 3.25 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 1 per Lacs - BSE

₹ 3.25 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 1 per Lacs - BSE

₹ 1.90 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 1 per Lacs - BSE

₹ 50 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 1 per Lacs - BSE

CM Charges



₹ 0.25 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 0.25 per Lacs - BSE
₹ 100 per Lacs on Physical Delivery

₹ 0.75 per Lacs - NSE
₹ 0.75 per Lacs - BSE
₹ 100 per Lacs on Physical Delivery


18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges

18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges

18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges

18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges


₹ 100 per Lacs

Sell-side, ₹ 25 per Lacs

Sell-side, ₹ 10 per Lacs

Sell-side, ₹ 50 per Lacs

SEBI Charges

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

For Commodity 



Transaction Charges

MCX - Non Agri - â‚¹ 2.6 per Lacs ; Agri - â‚¹ 1.75 per Lacs
NCDEX - A - â‚¹ 3.5 per Lacs ; B - â‚¹ 1.25 per Lacs

CM Charges

Self-clearing Member in the MCX.


18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges


Sell-side, ₹ 10 per Lacs on Non-Agri

SEBI Charges

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

For Currency 




Transaction Charges

₹ 1.10 per Lacs - NSE

₹ 40 per Lacs - NSE

CM Charges

₹ 0.25 per Lacs - NSE

₹ 7.5 per Lacs - NSE


18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges

18% on Brokerage + Transaction + CM Charges







SEBI Charges

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

₹ 0.15 per Lacs

Samco Complaints & Stats

Company name:

Samco Securities Ltd


022-2222 7777, 022-4503-0450

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alok kumar


Posted on 23 Jan 2021

My experience is best ,no problem face with samco. Ipo apply with samco is more easy.

mudit jain


Posted on 25 Dec 2020

Customer support is worst.

ashok kumar


Posted on 19 Dec 2020