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✌Because choices make you go#BigOnLife

Every decision you make has a ripple effect and Select helps you make the one that counts. No more getting scammed by brokers with agendas or banks that want to rob you with unfit credit cards. Enable yourself to make choices that don’t sell you in the long run.

Our technology-backed solution, Select, puts you in control of your money matters, so you can go #BigOnLife with confidence. No more nonsense, no more compromises - here’s how we make that happen:


A Technology Backed solution

🤔 Wondering Why should one use Finology Select for opening a demat account? Using Finology Select Platform you can -

  • Find my broker
  • Credit card genie
  • Compare brokers
  • Compare cards
  • Compare brokerage charges
  • Brokerage calculators
  • Customer reviews
  • Step by step guides
  • Like and shortlist
  • Demat account rewards

And many more upcoming features.

Our Methodology

1. Evaluation & Testing

Discover the top Brokers and Credit Card Issuers whose apps and tools bring ease of use and unmatched reliability to you. Our team of over 50 experts has tested them all and collected every bit of the data from credible sources, such as official websites, industry reports, and consumer reviews.

2. Ease of Use

We meticulously picked only the top-performing Brokers and Credit Cards and combined them with our intuitive interface, making your choices convenient and effortless.

3. Screening

We carefully studied size and past track record while shortlisting both Brokers and Credit Cards, eliminating those who have a checkered past with the regulators or customers. The criteria under both are carefully chosen to cover different aspects and reflect the needs and preferences of consumers.

4. Step by Step Guide

Our thorough guides and step-by-step manuals provide expert guidance whether you're opening a Demat account or applying for a Credit Card that suits your style. Trust us to guide you through every step.

5. Precise Rating

Before you do it, each Broker and Credit Card on Select is evaluated by us based on multiple pre-established criteria involving analysing the data collected during the research phase, comparing features and benefits , and assessing their overall value to you.

6. Last But Not Least: REWARDS

Finology Select offers Rewards for opening a Demat Account or applying for a Credit Card through us. Get 1-month access to Finology ONE’s Superpowers- all premium tools on Ticker, 10 thorough courses on Quest and 3 Elite Articles on Insider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select provides you with detailed information to help you choose the right stock broker and credit card. There are many stock brokers out there who offer almost similar-looking services and way too many credit cards offered by banks with various features. But, are they all perfect for you? Absolutely not! There are various intricacies that you need to be aware of while selecting your broker or your credit card.

Select is a platform that helps you in comparing brokers and credit cards with their competitors side by side and provides you with a detailed account opening and application guide as well. Not just that, you get amazingly rewarded when you open your demat account or apply for a credit card through Select.

Investment is an ever-growing and expanding industry, investors themselves have multiple styles and approaches to investing. With this variety in mind, we made a questionnaire to help you find the right broker for you. Head on over to and take the quick 30-second quiz.

Opening a demat account with Select is really easy. Once you have made your mind i.e. selected a stockbroker for yourself, you can click on ‘Open Your Account’ to get started. You will receive the detailed instructions manual over mail and you also have an option of downloading the manual from Select’s website.

The brokers offer various brokerage plans that you can compare on Select. You can either visit the ‘Compare Broker’ page and directly see the comparison of those stock brokers which are selected by default. Or, you can add your preferred stock brokers to the wishlist and then compare them through the Compare Broker page.

While finding a broker that suits your particular investment needs or a card that matches and enhances your lifestyle is a reward in itself, Select believes in going above and beyond!

This is why we don't stop with just getting you the right broker or credit card, but we bring you additional rewards and freebies as well.

On opening a Demat account with your preferred broker through Select, you get Finology One's premium benefits for one month. These include; Ticker Plus Subscription, 10 Free Courses on Quest, and 3 free Elite Articles on Insider!

You get the same benefits if you apply for a credit card through Select (double the fun)!

There is a SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) registration number that the stockbroker needs to mention on their website. Besides this, one can look at the active client base as well. Background research can also be performed but it is not easy for everyone to do. The stockbrokers listed on Select have been carefully chosen and hence, you do not have to worry about the legitimacy of the broker when you find the broker for yourself through Select.

Here at Select, we try to ensure accuracy to help you make better-informed decisions. To this effect, Select uses only the most trusted data sources like official websites, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and industry experts, to obtain information about brokers and credit cards.

Various measures are also put in place, like cross-checking multiple sources, verifying specific details with relevant providers, and conducting regular updates to ensure the correctness and recency of information.

Yes, you can trust the reviews and ratings on Select. Select takes the authenticity and accuracy of its reviews and ratings very seriously.

The integrity of the review system is maintained through various systems, like users needing to create an account to submit a review, internal moderation of reviews to avoid spams.

The review system is also made comprehensive by letting users rate the brokers and cards on various parameters like fees, features, services, reputation, and customer support. The rating is given on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Select also maintains unbiasedness of its reviews by displaying both positive and negative reviews submitted by various users without favouring any particular brand.

Select has comprehensive ratings and reviews in place to help users make informed decisions when choosing a credit card. The website also has a Card Genie that helps users sort and look through cards based on their needs from a credit card.