Best RBL Bank Credit Cards in India 2023

Created on 13 Jun 2023

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Updated on 23 Sep 2023

Credit cards have evolved from mere pieces of plastic into stylish status symbols, capable of unlocking a world of exclusive perks and bragging rights. 

But we know choosing the right credit card can be an intimidating task. It's like being at a buffet, surrounded by an array of tempting dishes, and desperately trying to decide between the exotic sushi and the flavourful biryani.

Enter RBL Bank, a financial institution that aims to tickle your fancies and cater to your desires. With a dazzling lineup of options, RBL Bank ensures that there's a credit card for every personality, every whim, and every late-night online shopping spree.

From the adventurous souls who seek thrill in travel and exploration to the savvy shoppers who find nirvana in retail therapy, RBL Bank's credit cards come to the rescue. It's almost as if RBL Bank says, "Why settle for a mundane credit card when you can have one that sprinkles unicorns and rainbows in your financial life?"

So, for your assistance, we're here to guide you through this maze of financial indulgence.

We'll also discuss the different types of cards available, including those tailored for travel, shopping, or fuel expenses, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your various specific needs.

1. RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card

The RBL Bank Shoprite credit card is a shopping companion that brings convenience and rewards to your fingertips. With exclusive discounts, cashback offers, and a seamless shopping experience, this card is designed to elevate your retail therapy to new heights.


Fees and Charges

 The annual fees can be waived off if you spend ₹1,50,000 in the previous year.

2. RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card

Do you want a credit card that rewards you for your wanderlust and saves you money on foreign transactions? If yes, then you might want to check out the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card. This card is India’s first travel credit card with a 0% markup fee on all foreign currency transactions. Now, let’s discover some more exciting features of this card.


Fees and Charges

3. RBL Bank Cookies Credit Card

Do you have a sweet tooth for online shopping and entertainment, or do you want a credit card that offers you vouchers, discounts, and cashback on your favourite brands and platforms? If yes, then you might want to check out the RBL Bank Cookies credit card. This card is a delicious blend of convenience and savings that has been designed to satisfy your financial cravings. 


Fees and Charges

4. RBL Bank Edition Credit Card

If you are a foodie who loves to order food online and like to enjoy exclusive dining benefits and also want a credit card that offers you cashback, vouchers, and discounts on Zomato and other platforms, then you might want to check out the RBL Bank Zomato Edition Classic credit card. 


Fees and Charges


In the world of credit cards, RBL Bank stands out as a provider that caters to every whim and desire. From the delightful shopping perks of the Shoprite credit card to the wanderlust-inducing benefits of the World Safari credit card, RBL Bank knows how to sprinkle magic into your financial life.
With a range of options tailored to suit your specific needs, it's time to compare and find the perfect RBL Bank credit card for you on Finology Select. Unleash the power of your spending and unlock a world of possibilities today.