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Paytm Money is one of India’s largest Investment platforms with over 5,78,639 active client base till August 2022. In a relatively short time in this industry, they have launched pioneering products and are one of the fastest-growing broking houses.

Product Basket

The segments in which you can invest (includes Equity, Commodity, Currency, Futures and Options) through this broker

Brokerage Plans (Single Plan)

1 or more plans offered by this broker, which outlines, Account opening and maintenance fees charged by this broker, Brokerage charges and Margins provided. Use plan switcher to see the difference in offerings, if multiple plans are available.


Account Opening Charges


Account Maintenance Charges

₹ 300

Call & Trade Charges

₹ 300

Equity Delivery Brokerage


Equity Intraday Brokerage


Equity Futures Brokerage


Equity Options Brokerage

₹ 15

Currency Futures Brokerage


Currency Options Brokerage


Commodity Futures Brokerage


Commodity Options Brokerage


Equity Delivery Margin


Equity Intraday Margin


Equity Futures Margin


Equity Options Margin


Currency Futures Margin


Currency Options Margin


Commodity Futures Margin


Commodity Options Margin

Trading Platforms Learn More

Set of software & applications offered by the broker for executing buy and sell orders online. These are names of their portals and mobile apps, for full desc- Full Platform Details.

Paytm Web Trading Platform Paytm Money Mobile Application

Advantages and Strengths of this broker.

  1. The platform has a two-factor authentication system that ensures safety of your details.
  2. At Rs 10 per trade for Intraday trading and F&O, Paytm Money offers the lowest brokerage charges for customers amongst best-in-class brokers.
  3. Paytm Money has an inhouse brokerage calculator and provides Mutual Fund Investment Advisory services.
  4. They have very simple and easy to understand Trade Book, P&L, Tax P&L & Ledger Statements.
  5. Various upcoming features in F&O dashboard like Option Chain, Heatmap, Greeks, FII / DII, Global Index, Market Movers, OI Analysis.

Disadvantages of this broker that it needs to improve upon.

  1. Paytm Money does not provide any of its services offline.
  2. The broker does not offer an NRI trading account.
  3. A user cannot trade in commodities or currency as well.
  4. Though AMC is zero, an annual platform fee of Rs.300 is charged from the users.
  5. Having been established in the year 2017, Paytm Money is a relatively new broker in the market.
Additional Features

Extra features provided by the broker at little or no extra cost. Like research reports, SMS alerts etc.

3 in 1 Account
Free Trading Calls
Free Research Reports
SMS Alerts
Margin Funding
Margin Against Share
Other Investment Options

Services provided by the broker for investing in other financial assets such as Mutual funds, Insurance, Bonds etc.

Mutual Funds
IPO Platform
Bonds & Debt
Exchange Traded Funds
Finology Ratings & Reviews for Paytm Money

Ratings are provided based on customer service, usability, charges and overall average. Reviews are based on positive and negative aspects of the broker that help you understand this broker better.





Customer Service


Charges Review

  • The AMC charge of Rs 300 is charged only after 3 months of free look period for customers.
  • Currently Account opening fee has been made 0 as part of a campaign offer.
  • One of the lowest brokerages in industry at Rs 10 for Intraday and derivatives.
  • The online brokerage calculator of Paytm Money helps you assess the total cost of a transaction. It provides a clear bifurcation of all the additional charges and taxes levied.

Customer Service Review

  • Grievances are sorted only through chat and e-mail. Neither does Paytm Money have a physical office, nor are any contact details shared for the users to raise their queries.
  • As per reviews, the chat and email support system are prompt.
  • FAQs are categorically available on the website for resolving all queries.

Ease of Use Review

  • Paytm Money is a user-friendly platform.
  • The broker operates only on their Website and Mobile App (Android & IOS). It does not complicate the trading process with multiple platforms.
  • Paytm Money also has an extensive blog segment that provides educational content for its clients.
  • Simple and Easy to understand Statements. Trade Book, P&L, Tax P&L, Ledger, etc.
  • A swift and seamless onboarding experience.

Account Opening Procedure Review

  • The account opening procedure can be done only through online mode. There is no offline facility available.
  • An account can be opened through their website as well as the app.
  • The process is very simple and easy to follow. The account is investment-ready in 30-45 mins hours.
  • In case of a query, one can initiate a chat with the Customer Care Team or drop them an email.

Why Choose Paytm Money? Know Everything about Paytm Money here.


Paytm Money is a registered investment advisor that offers investment execution and advisory services. The company has been in existence only for 4 years. They provide a wide range of mutual funds and other assets and a detailed tracking system that would help assess your investments better. The complete process beginning from creating an account to trading and investing, is online. There are also no hidden charges in any of the asset classes. These features make it more investor-friendly.


If you are an investor, the broker provides you with

  • Free equity deliveries.

  • Statements and other details regarding the stock that will help you track better. 

  • A wide range of assets comprising equity, futures & options, Mutual Funds, Gold etc. 

  • The price alert feature informs an investor when the stock crosses a certain price. 

If you are a trader, the broker provides you with

  • Both the website and app caters to the needs of an amateur and an experienced investor. Basic Charts like a candle, mountain and advanced like range bars and line breaks are available.
  • F&O dashboard has various features like Option Chain, Heatmap, Greeks, FII / DII, Global Index, Market Movers, OI Analysis

  • It also provides a wide range of technical indicators that would help you analyse your stocks better.

  • Paytm Money provides an option to add up to 50 stocks to the watchlist.

Trading Tools

Paytm Web Trading Platform

The website Paytm Money is built to cater to the needs of both investors and the trader. It is a one-stop destination that helps a user create an account, complete the KYC, and trade and invest in a wide range of assets. It is a simple, accessible and transparent platform focused on an “investor-first” approach.

Paytm Money Mobile Application

Paytm Money app is a trading platform with two-factor authentication. The app is available on both iOS and Android. It is a very user-friendly app providing all the features that the website does. Features like customised Watch lists, Technical chart analyses and advanced orders help users easily track and invest in various segments.


Charges Details

For Equity






Transaction Charges

0.00345% - NSE

0.003% - BSE

0.00325% - NSE

0.003% - BSE

0.002% - NSE

0.053% - NSE

Demat Transaction Charges 

Sell-side, ₹ 250 per 100 shares 





18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges

18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges

18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges

18% on Brokerage + Exchange Turn over Charges


0.1% on buy & sell

0.025% Sell-side

0.01% Sell-side

0.05% Sell-side

SEBI Charges

0.00005% of turnover

0.00005% of turnover

0.00005% of turnover

0.00005% of turnover

Paytm Money Complaints & Stats

Company name:

Paytm Money Limited



Paytm Money Customer Reviews

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abhay singh


Posted on 25 Apr 2022

Good service

rahul singha


Posted on 25 Jan 2022

The closing of Demat account in Paytm is very tough

tanmay ghosh


Posted on 29 Nov 2021

Smooth experience from last 1 year...

naman nitin mukesh


Posted on 12 Oct 2021

It’s relatively new, but features available and ease of use on the UI beats several established platforms. New features including US stock investments, commodities and currency should be added soon to make the most of it. Shouldn’t lose out a customer base to other platforms for not having these features.

neeraj ramani


Posted on 04 Oct 2021


mukul garg


Posted on 03 Oct 2021

great ui

darshan parekh


Posted on 28 Sep 2021

I am using paytm money for 1 year I never find any problem. Great user experience. also buying stocks and treading are also very fast.

satam kundu


Posted on 18 Sep 2021