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Kotak Securities FAQ

The 3-in-1 account of Kotak Securities includes a demat account and an online trading account with Kotak Securities and a bank account with the Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can open a 3-in-1 account with Kotak Securities by following the below steps:

  • Fill out their online application form and submit the required documents.

  • After filling out the form, call their toll free numbers 1800 222 299 / 18002099191 

  • Or, visit the nearest Kotak Securities branch office.

You can transfer funds from your Kotak bank account to your trading account by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log onto

  2. Inside the trading section, click on Money Transfer. Here, you will be presented with a set of boxes.

  3. From the boxes, choose ‘From Bank To Equity’ and click on Submit.

  4. Choose your Bank name and the amount to be transferred. Then click on ‘Go’.

  5. You will be taken to your Bank’s payment gateway.

  6. From here on, the bank’s screen would guide you further.

There are several charges associated with brokerage firms which include account opening charges, account maintenance charges, brokerage charges, transaction charges, clearing charges, etc. Apart from these, there are also other charges like GST, STT etc, which are often overlooked by investors. It is important to remember that some of these charges depend upon the transaction value, while some depend upon the product and plan that you have chosen.

Click the link to know more about the Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges.

The Kotak Securities mobile trading app is available for android and iOS smartphone devices. The app facilities the analysis, tracking and trading of stocks on the go and a customer can Execute Trades, Monitor Portfolio, View Streaming Quotes and Intraday Charts.

The AMC or annual maintenance charge of Kotak Securities is Rs. 500 for trading accounts and Rs. 300 for Demat accounts.

However, it is possible that the maintenance charge for Demat accounts can be waived off if there are any offers that are frequently provided by the Kotak securities brokerage house.

Yes, Kotak demat accounts are safe as all demat accounts are opened with Central Depository Services Limited(CDSL). Kotak acts as only an intermediary between the customer and the central depository.

Once you’ve opened an account with Kotak Securities, you will receive a ‘Welcome Kit’ which will contain a welcome letter with your account details, a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is a unique one-time-use numeric code for account activation. Additionally, you will also receive the initial password on your email id registered with them. After this,

  • Click on Activate Account

  • Enter your User ID and initial password

  • Enter your Client ID, initial password and a four-digit pin

  • Click on 'Submit'

After this, you will be asked to set a Kotak Securities trading password. After that is done, you will be asked to change your website password. Once this is done, your account will be activated and you can start with the trading.

The cost of opening a demat account with Kotak Securities is free. However, there are other charges associated with having a demat account with Kotak Securities which include safety charges (custodian fee), annual maintenance charges, and transaction charges, depending upon the value of securities.

A trading account is a type of an investment account through which one can trade securities, cash and other holdings like a brokerage account. With a trading account, an investor can buy and sell assets as frequently as they want, even within the same trading session.

With Kotak Securities, an investor can open a trading account under the 2-in-1 account or the 3-in-1 account.

Brokerage charge is the fee charged by the broker in exchange for the buying & selling of securities or trade executed by the customers.

These charges are payable by the investors on every transaction. However, Kotak Securities charges Zero brokerage for intraday trades across Cash, Futures & Options, and Currency & Commodity segments.

When it comes to Equity delivery, their brokerage charges are Zero too for customers under 30 years of age through the Trade Free Youth Plan and 0.25% of the transaction value if customers are above 30 years through the Trade Free Plan.

In case a customer wants to avail lower interest rate benefit through Margin Trading Facility, he/she can subscribe to the Trade Free Max Plan.

Click here to learn more in detail about the brokerage charges of Kotak Securities.

To withdraw money from your Kotak trading account, proceed with the following steps on the Kotak Securities website:

  1. Log in to

  2. Once inside the trading section, Click on Funds > Money Transfer > Transfer Funds, You will be presented with a set of boxes.

  3. Choose From Equity To Bank and click on Submit.

  4. Your request will be validated against your ledger balance, your minimum margin request and your exposure. After processing, the available amount will be credited to your bank account registered with us on the next working day. All requests received before 11.00 PM on a working day would be executed on the next working day. Please Note, we are unable to process any payout on Saturdays. All requests entered on Friday will be executed on the next business day.

To close your Kotak Demat account the following details must be furnished with the account closure form:

  1. Your ID and your Depository Participant ID.

  2. KYC details like name and address that match with details submitted to Kotak Demat.

  3. The reason for closing the demat account.

  4. Ensure that there are no dues on your account as well as no untraded securities.

  5. A bank employee must mandatorily submit and verify the self-attested identity proof copy.