Zerodha Account Opening Guide

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Zerodha Demat Account Opening Process Step by Step.

Step 1 

Click on ‘Open Your Account’ to visit Zerodha and start your account opening process. Enter your mobile number (only active number) to get started. You’ll receive an OTP on the mobile number entered. Alternatively, you’ll find the Sign-up button on the top-right corner of the webpage. Click on it to proceed.



Step 2

Enter the OTP received to continue. Upon successful verification of the mobile number, you will be prompted to enter your email address. 



Step 3

Enter your active e-mail address for further verification. Then, enter the OTP received on your e-mail address and click Continue.


Step 4

Next, you need to enter your PAN details and Date of Birth. Press continue and proceed.



Step 5

After your PAN details are verified, you have to pay an account opening fee. If you are trading only in Equity, you have to pay Rs. 200, but an amount of Rs. 100 will be charged additionally if you wish to trade in Commodity as well. After choosing the desired trading segment, you will proceed to pay. Now, you can either pay using UPI or pay through credit or debit card/Net Banking. 



Step 6 

After the successful payment of fee, you will receive an online receipt with your payment’s reference number. Click on Close to proceed.

Next comes the Aadhaar verification. Click on ‘Connect to Digilocker’ to share a digital copy of your Aadhaar card. Digilocker is an initiative by the Government of India to save your essential documents on the cloud. It is linked with your Aadhaar card and thus provides complete security.



Step 7

You will now need to log in to Digilocker using either your Aadhaar card, Username or Mobile number. If you have never created your account before then, you need to Sign up, for which the option is just below the DigiLocker account pop-up. Make sure the phone number linked with your Aadhaar is active to receive an OTP (The number linked with Aadhar and the number you entered in the first step need not be the same). 



Step 8

Enter the OTP received on your mobile number to verify your Aadhar and proceed.



Step 9

After entering your user ID and password in Digilocker, you will have to create a security pin. Now, enter the security pin to sign in and click Continue.

In case you forget your Security Pin, click on ‘Forgot my PIN’ to create a new pin.



Step 10

Grant Zerodha the access to your Digilocker by clicking ‘Allow’. It will automatically fetch your Aadhaar details. 

Check the details, and click on ‘Share’ (if the details are correct). A digital copy of your Aadhaar will be shared with Zerodha.



Step 11

Now, fill in your parents’ details, and your marital status. Then click ‘Continue’.



Step 12

Fill in your background information that includes your Annual income, Trading experience, Occupation etc and click Continue.



Step 13

Now, you have to link your bank account with Zerodha. This will be your primary account where money will be credited or debited upon transaction of stocks. Fill in the details and click Continue. 



Step 14

Now you will be asked for IPV (In-Person Verification), where you have to display the OTP received in front of the webcam. Click on ‘Start IPV’ and ensure that your face and the code are clearly visible. Then, click on “Take Video”, and finally, click on ‘SAVE IPV’ when you are satisfied with your recording.



Step 15

Next, upload your documents that include your bank statements/cancelled cheque, and make sure that the bank account number, IFSC code and MICR Code are clearly visible.



Step 16

On the same page, you have to submit the Income proof, signature, and PAN card. Income proof is required only if you want to trade in Futures & Options, currency and commodity. Click on Continue to proceed.



Step 17

This is the last step where you have to digitally sign your application forms. Click eSign button and proceed to the next step.



Step 18

Now you will be asked to log in with your Google account or any other account to receive an e-signed copy of your application forms. Prefer using e-mail verification (instead of Google account verification) to avoid unintentional mistakes.



Step 19

Check the declaration box and click on Proceed to eSign to proceed further.



Step 20

Once again check the declaration box and enter your Aadhaar number. Then, click on the ‘Send OTP’ button. Make sure that the mobile number linked with your aadhaar is active in order to receive OTP.



Step 21

Enter the OTP received and click on Sign now. Please note that you will be asked to repeat the e-Sign process if you have opted for the Commodity Trading account. 



Step 22

Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the process. You can also download the e-Signed document to keep a copy of your signed application forms. Once you have completed all the steps successfully, it will take around 24-48 hours for your account to be activated. 

After your account has been successfully opened, you will receive a confirmation email with your login ID and a link to reset your Kite password. 

Zerodha Demat Account Opening - Documents Required.

Documents List

- A scanned copy of your PAN card
- A scanned copy of Aadhar Card
- Cancelled Cheque/Bank statement to link your bank account
- A scanned copy of your signatures - Income Proof (Only required if you wish to trade in Futures & Options, Currency or Commodities)

Additional terms and conditions 

- You must have an active mobile number linked with your Aadhaar card. This is to complete the eSign-in/DigiLocker process which requires OTP verification. If your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhar card, then visit the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra to get it linked.
- Make sure that the bank statement you are uploading has an Account number, IFSC and MICR code printed on it. If these are not clearly visible, then your application may be rejected.
- The cheque must have your name clearly inscribed on it.
- Signature should be done with a pen on a blank paper and should be clearly visible. Use of pencils, sketch pens or markers will get your application rejected.
- You can submit any of the following documents as an income proof:
Latest 6-month Bank statement
Latest salary slip
Networth certificate from a CA
Income Tax Return Acknowledgment