HDFC Securities FAQ

Trading account AMC is free but Demat account AMC is Rs 750. However, AMC differs from the products offered by the HDFC securities.

Indeed, HDFC does provide a Demat account. It has more than 2 million Demat accounts and more than 3500 Demat centres network. 

It provides two types of Demat account- Basic Services Demat Account and Normal Demat account.

You can sell shares in HDFCsecurities through the following steps

  • Login to your account.

  • You’ll be redirected to the home page whereby the default buy option is selected, here select the sell option.

  • Select exchange -NSE/BSE.

  • Select Intrusmnet- where equity is selected by default.

  • Select product- Margin/Cash/Emargin/Intraday.

  • Write down the company name or symbol, and select the company. After that LTP of that company will open.

  • After that select the order option- Limit/Market.

  • Enter quantity and price and place the order.

You can also share through mobile app and call n trade option as well

HDFC securities are depository participants on both depositories NSDL and CDSL.

HDFC is a prominent group in India. HDFC Demat account provides a wide range of products to its customers. HDFC securities provide multiple platforms and advanced tools to its customers.  They also provide research and tips to their customers which is useful for investors.

Indeed, HDFC securities provide Mutual Fund. You can buy and sell mutual funds if you have an account in HDFC securities. However, HDFC gives waiver during the first year and later on, they also provide waiver offers if you will do more transactions.

HDFC provides a margin up to 4 times the trade value. However, the margin in HDFC securities varies across its products and segments. 

HDFC securities HDFC e-margin, which is a Margin Trading Platform by HDFC to provide extra buying power to its clients, through which customers can pay a part of the total trade value, the rest is offered as a loan to its customer. HDFC charges 0.5 % interest on the loaned amount which needs to be squared off under 180 days from the transaction date.

Yes, HDFC securities provide free tips to its customers for all the securities. It also provides free market research reports.

Yes, opening a Demat account in HDFC is currently free. However, there are other charges associated with a Demat account which include Account Annual Maintenance Charges, Custodian fee, Trading Account Opening and Transaction charges, depending upon the value of securities.

  • Click on “Open Demat Account” 

  • Select online and a form will open

  • Fill in the mandatory details and submit the form

  • Within two working days, you'll receive a call from an HDFC representative to verify the details and you will be asked to send identity and address proofs through emails

  • Finally, You will receive a successful account of your registered mobile number.