Shoonya by Finvasia Review

Created on 21 Sep 2023

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Updated on 30 Nov 2023

With financial services spread across 14 countries, Finvasia is a technology-based stock broker offering a wide variety of financial products and services including equity, currency and commodity, asset management, investment banking, advisory, and currency hedging.

Incorporated in 2016, Shoonya by Finvasia is a first-of-its-kind broker in India that offers commission-free trading on all segments and all exchanges in India.

What is Shoonya Broker?

Shoonya by Finvasia is a discount broker that offers commission-free trading on all segments and all exchanges in India. This means that you can trade stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies without having to pay any brokerage fees. Shoonya also does not charge any account opening or maintenance fees, call and trade fees, or clearing fees. The only charges that you have to pay are the statutory charges such as taxes, stamp duty, exchange transaction charges, etc.

Shoonya's trading platform is powered by Prism, a cutting-edge technology that provides a seamless trading experience. Prism allows you to access TradingView charts to analyze market data and make informed trading decisions. You can also use Prism to view and manage your portfolio, orders, positions, holdings, margin, and funds. Prism is Shoonya’s in-house custom client portal that allows clients to view and analyze their investments under a single login.

Shoonya Broker also offers other products and services such as:

Shoonya also provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, live chat, and the option to create a support ticket.

What are the advantages of Shoonya?

Shoonya has many advantages that make it an attractive option for both investors and traders. Some of the main advantages are:

What are the disadvantages of Shoonya Broker?

Shoonya is not without its drawbacks and limitations. Some of the main disadvantages are:

How does Shoonya compare with other discount brokers in India?

Shoonya is one of the many discount brokers in India that offer low-cost trading services to investors and traders. Some of the other popular discount brokers in India are Zerodha, Upstox, 5paisa, Angel Broking, etc. Let’s see how Shoonya compares with these brokers. Let us look at some of the key parameters that can help us evaluate and compare these brokers.





Angel Broking

Account Opening Charges





Account Maintenance Charges





Call & Trade Charges





Equity Delivery





Equity Intraday





Our Verdict

Overall, we believe Shoonya by Finvasia is a decent broking platform that provides a variety of products and services.

Shoonya provides commission-free trading on all Indian exchanges, allowing users to trade stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies without fees. It offers trading views, order slicing, bracket and cover orders, and shares pledging and unpledging to enhance decision-making and protect against losses.

With the above benefits, you also get the advantage of Zero AC opening charges, zero lifetime brokerage, SIP in stocks and ETFs, eDIS facility, 3000+ Direct Mutual Funds, and dedicated customer support to ensure informed investment decisions and prompt problem resolution.

Moreover, there is an exclusive partnership of Shoonya and ‘I Know First’ for Indian Traders. ‘I Know First’ is a well-known fintech company that offers sophisticated algorithmic forecasting solutions for the capital markets based on AI.

So, with this AI-driven feature, Shoonya provides its users with carefully picked top 60 I Know First AI stock picks with algorithm analysis of up to 1,500 stocks listed on Indian Exchanges, which are backed by extensive historical research.

And, therefore, in conclusion, we can believe that Shoonya is a nice considerable discount-broking platform.