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Zerodha, a financial services company, offers its clients the opportunity to invest in Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds without brokerage fees. For Intra-day and F&O, clients can pay a flat fee of ₹20 per trade to trade with Zerodha.

The company also provides its clients with three mobile apps- Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Coin, and Zerodha Varsity. Zerodha Kite allows clients to trade from anywhere, Zerodha Coin facilitates online mutual fund investments, and Zerodha Varsity offers stock market education to clients.
Zerodha's investment in technology is one of its key strengths. The company has developed proprietary trading platforms and provides its clients access to third-party trading software. Clients can open an account with Zerodha to start trading today.

Trading Potential with Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha's Kite trading platform stands out with its sleek, user-friendly, and high-performance design. It reigns as the easiest-to-use trading application in the Indian stock market, offering various features tailored specifically for advanced traders. With Kite, traders can immerse themselves in a comprehensive trading experience, including a comprehensive market watch, a rich selection of charts featuring over 100 indicators, and advanced order options like cover orders and GTT orders.

Key Highlights of the Kite Platform

Zerodha's Kite Android App

The Kite Android App is a mobile trading app part of Zerodha's trading platform. Designed to be intuitive, powerful, and fast, it allows online customers to trade on the go using their smartphones. The app offers equity, derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodities trading options.

Zerodha App Compatible with iOS and Android Devices

Zerodha offers the Kite Android App for free to all its online customers. The app is available on the:

Zerodha's Kite Mobile App: Features to Streamline Trading Experience

Zerodha's Kite mobile trading app is a powerful tool that offers all the features of the Kite Web platform. Here are the top features of the Zerodha app:

How To Use Zerodha KITE Mobile App?

For existing Zerodha customers, it is essential to download the highly efficient mobile trading platform Zerodha Kite. The app offers a unique trading experience, providing real-time data, chart analysis, and numerous benefits.
To make the best use of the app, a step-by-step guide is available:

The Kite mobile app consists of several sections:

For withdrawals from the Zerodha account to the bank account, users need to enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction. Ensuring that the withdrawal amount does not exceed the account balance is crucial.

Zerodha: Affordable Trading with Cutting-Edge Technology

Zerodha, founded in August 2010, is India's largest stock brokering company. The company offers low-cost brokerage for trading in Equity, Equity F&O, Commodity, and Currency F&O segments on the BSE, NSE, and MCX. Zerodha also offers depository services and mutual funds.

Zerodha is considered India's most innovative stockbroker due to its technology investment to make trading and investing convenient, safe, fast, and extremely affordable. Zerodha has developed an in-house trading platform, trading tools, a back office, partner portals, discussion forums, technical analysis tools, and APIs for integrating its trading platform with other application developers.

Zerodha charges a flat rate of ₹20 per trade for intraday, F&O, currency, and commodity trades across NSE, BSE, and MCX. Additionally, Zerodha does not charge brokerage fees for equity and mutual fund investments.

As of April 2023, Zerodha has 62 lakh active customers and is a Depository Participant of CDSL. The company is also a member of stock exchanges BSE, NSE, and MCX, with a trading market share of over 19% in retail trading.


Zerodha mobile app is a platform for traders and investors. It offers a user-friendly interface, competitive charges, and reliable customer support, making trading and investing convenient. The app's features, such as advanced order types, multilingual trading options, and comprehensive market analysis tools, cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced traders. Zerodha app provides a convenient and trustworthy investment platform, delivering value to its users.