Trade Smart Online vs Groww vs Zerodha

Broker Comparison

Trade Smart Online

(2.8) Open Demat Account


(3.1) Open Demat Account


(3.8) Open Demat Account
Basic Details
Broker Type
Broker Type Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Account Opening
Account Opening Free Free ₹ 300
Account Maintenance
Account Maintenance ₹ 300 Free ₹ 300
Broker Ratings
Usability (2.8) (3) (4)
Charged (2.5) (3) (4)
Customer Service
Customer Service (3.5) (3.5) (3.5)

Frequently Asked Questions

Groww is a popular, SEBI registered investment adviser. All personal information entered on the platform is stored using 256-bit encryption. Also, all transactions are done through Asset management companies (AMCs) for mutual funds & Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) for stocks, which means that at no stage does your money reach the company itself.

The Demat account and trading account opening charges with Groww are free. The annual maintenance charge is also free. Additionally, there is no margin money requirement. 

Groww charges an Rs.20 per order or 0.05% whichever is low for Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options. Commodity & Currency trading is presently not available with Groww.

Groww is a discount broker which is aimed at providing modern online-based financial solutions to its clients at a minimal cost.

Zerodha Kite is Zerodha’s online trading platform, which was built in 2015. It is a web-based, lightweight platform which can be used for trading on mobile, tablets as well as desktop browsers. The KITE platform facilitates trading in 11 languages. Kite mobile is currently available in the Android version & iOS on Google Play store. It has advanced technical analysis charting with more than 100 charting indicators and unlimited data for different stocks.

Zerodha provides a range of mobile apps for its customers based on different services. These include:

  • Zerodha Kite: Online trading platform for stock and commodity trading

  • Zerodha Coin: For mutual funds investments

  • Zerodha Varsity: Stock marketing lessons

  • Zerodha Sentinel: Market alerts and monitoring for stocks, futures and options  on the cloud

  • Pulse by Zerodha: For latest market news and updates.

Zerodha is one of the leading and most popular stock brokers in India, with a massive client base created over years. Beginners often prefer trading with the cheapest brokers, and Zerodha, with a flat fee model at Rs 20, fits perfectly in this parameter. Additionally, Zerodha also provides online education apps, support portal, and discussion forums which prove to be of great assistance to beginner level investors. However, Zerodha being a discount broker does not assist with research, advisory or recommendations. This makes it a challenge for new investors who often find it difficult to make these decisions.

Overall, considering the many helpful services it offers, Zerodha can be considered as a good option for beginner level investors.

TradeSmart is a part of  VNS Finance & Capital services, which is a SEBI registered entity and was established in 1992. The company claims to have never had any issue with timely pay-in and pay-out of the client’s securities or funds. The client securities at TradeSmart are kept in the client's demat account, and not in their pool account. The company also ensures that all communication regarding any transaction in your account is timely sent to the client, by sending regular emails and SMS alerts from CDSL regarding pay-in and pay-out of securities in your demat account.

TradeSmart has experience in the industry of over 25 years and has successfully been managing a massive client base. Following are some of the benefits of opening an account with TradeSmart:

  1. Low cost, two different brokerage plans that match your trading needs.

  2. Flexibility to change between any of the brokerage plans at any point in time.

  3. Trade-in multiple markets & product.

  4. Zero Demat AMC charge for the first year.

  5. Quick account opening in 1 day.

  6. Trading, charting, and analysis services in one desktop platform.

  7. Instant fund transfers with more than 24 Banks.

TradeSmart offers discount brokerage services in equity, commodity and currency trading segments. There are no account opening charges at TradeSmart and it charges a flat fee of Rs 300 per annum as it accounts maintenance charges (AMC). The other TradeSmart brokerage charges depend upon the product segment and upon the type of plan that you have chosen