Edelweiss vs HDFC Securities vs ICICI Direct

Broker Comparison


(3.1) Open Demat Account

HDFC Securities

(3.1) Open Demat Account

ICICI Direct

(3) Open Demat Account
Basic Details
Broker Type
Broker Type Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Full Service Broker
Account Opening
Account Opening Free Free Free
Account Maintenance
Account Maintenance ₹ 750 Free ₹ 700
Broker Ratings
Usability (3) (3.4) (3)
Charged (2.5) (2.5) (2.5)
Customer Service
Customer Service (3.7) (3.5) (3.5)

Frequently Asked Questions

A retail trading and investment service, ICICI Direct, is a part of ICICI Securities, the largest retail stock broker firm in India. ICICI Direct offers 'online trading and investment' services to more than 20 lakhs customers. It offers services online as well as through a network of branches across India.

Opening a trading account with ICICI direct is free of cost irrespective of the plan you have chosen. However, the other charges like brokerage, maintenance, margin, other charges depend upon the product, segment and the plan you have chosen.

ICICI Direct provides a range of trading and investment options, thus giving new investors a platter to choose from. Also, the company offers free research and advisory services, which makes it easier for stock market beginners who need hand-holding, to start their investment journey and further provides them with a convenient trading experience.

The Edelweiss Group is one of India's leading financial services companies which provides a broad range of financial products and services to a substantial and diversified client base. Depending on such a widespread client base, the company provides different brokerage plans which are suited for all types of investors, including the beginners. Apart from that, Edelweiss has strong search and advisory services, which helps their clients with their investment decisions. This is also a good service for beginners or new investors who need assistance in selecting good, trending and profitable stocks.

To open an account with Edelweiss, follow the below steps:

Click on the ‘Open an account’ button to begin the online trading account opening process. If you have all the documents in hand, the process should not take more than 15 minutes.To know the entire process of opening an account with Edelweiss in detail, click here.

There are no charges of opening an account with Edelweiss. The other charges include maintenance charges, brokerage, and other charges, depending upon the products, plans and segments.

HDFC is a prominent group in India. HDFC Demat account provides a wide range of products to its customers. HDFC securities provide multiple platforms and advanced tools to its customers.  They also provide research and tips to their customers which is useful for investors.

  • Click on “Open Demat Account” 

  • Select online and a form will open

  • Fill in the mandatory details and submit the form

  • Within two working days, you'll receive a call from an HDFC representative to verify the details and you will be asked to send identity and address proofs through emails

  • Finally, You will receive a successful account of your registered mobile number.

Indeed, HDFC does provide a Demat account. It has more than 2 million Demat accounts and more than 3500 Demat centres network. 

It provides two types of Demat account- Basic Services Demat Account and Normal Demat account.