Best HDFC Credit Cards 2023

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<p>A credit card is a payment method that allows you to make purchases on credit. You can use it to pay for goods or services and then pay the balance back in instalments.<br /> <br /> Credit cards are very convenient for both businesses and consumers because they allow you to buy things without having the capital in hand (or even in your bank account) at the time of purchase. This means you don&#39;t have to carry large amounts of cash around with you all day long, which can be dangerous if someone tries stealing from your wallet or purse! Plus, it&#39;s like having a reliable savings account for which you have to pay later in instalments as per the planned duration.&nbsp;</p> <p>HDFC Bank provides a wide variety of credit card options for its customers. It&#39;s a great way to manage your finances and comes with a host of benefits, including cashback, discounts, rewards and more. The card offers a wide range of benefits, including complimentary air tickets and cashback on flight bookings.</p> <p>You can choose one or more HDFC Bank Credit Cards based on your requirements and their benefits. Check out some of the best credit cards below:</p> <h2><strong>1. HDFC Millennia Credit Card</strong></h2> <p><img alt="" height="167" src="" width="264" /></p> <p>If you&#39;re a millennial looking for a credit card that offers a plethora of benefits, the <strong><a href="" target="_blank" title="HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card"><span style="color:#27ae60">HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card</span></a></strong> is an excellent choice. With this card, you can enjoy cashback, rewards, and other perks on your purchases. Whether you&#39;re shopping online or offline, dining out, or travelling, this card has got you covered. So go ahead and indulge in your favourite activities without worrying about the expenses &ndash; HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card has got your back!</p> <p><strong>Key Features</strong></p> <ul> <li>5% cashback on Amazon, BookMyShow,, Flipkart, Myntra, Sony LIV, Swiggy, Tata CLiQ, Uber, and Zomato</li> <li>1% cash back&nbsp;on all other transactions except fuel</li> <li>Zero Lost Card Liability on any&nbsp;fraudulent transactions made on your credit card</li> <li>Interest-Free Credit Period of up to 45 days</li> <li>₹1000 worth gift vouchers on spends of ₹1,00,000 and above in each calendar quarter</li> <li>Up to 20% discount on partner restaurants via Swiggy Dineout</li> <li>1 free lounge access per quarter on spending ₹1 lakh or more in a calendar quarter&nbsp;</li> </ul> <h2><strong>2. HDFC Moneyback Credit Card</strong></h2> <p><img alt="" height="167" src="" width="264" /></p> <p>The <strong><a href="" target="_blank" title="HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card"><span style="color:#27ae60">HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card</span></a></strong> is designed for individuals who want to earn cashback rewards on their everyday spending. Offering a combination of cashback rewards, fuel surcharge waivers, and welcome benefits, this card makes daily spending less expensive.</p> <p><strong>Key Features</strong></p> <ul> <li>2 reward points on every ₹150 spent, excluding fuel transactions, wallet loads/prepaid card loads &amp; voucher purchases</li> <li>2X reward points, i.e. 4 reward points on every ₹150 spent online</li> <li>500 Cash Points upon joining</li> <li>Gift voucher worth ₹500 on spends of ₹50,000 every quarter</li> <li>20% savings off on all your restaurant bill payments via Swiggy Dineout</li> </ul> <h2><strong>3. HDFC Regalia Credit Card</strong></h2> <p><img alt="" height="179" src="" width="281" /></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank" title="HDFC Regalia Credit Card"><span style="color:#27ae60"><strong>HDFC Regalia Credit Card</strong></span></a> is a premium credit card designed for individuals who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. It offers a range of exclusive benefits, including:</p> <ul> <li>12 free airport lounge access within India and 6 outside India</li> <li>10,000 bonus reward points on ₹5 lakh&nbsp;spent and an additional 5,000&nbsp;reward points on ₹8 lakh&nbsp;spent&nbsp;in an anniversary year</li> <li>4 reward points&nbsp;for every ₹150 spent</li> <li>2% on all foreign currency spends</li> <li>20% savings on all your restaurant bill payments via Swiggy Dineout&nbsp;</li> <li>Accidental air death cover worth ₹1 crore</li> <li>Emergency overseas hospitalization up to ₹15 lakh</li> <li>Lost Card Liability Covers up to ₹9 lakh&nbsp;</li> </ul> <h2><strong>4. Indian Oil HDFC Credit Card</strong></h2> <p><img alt="" height="167" src="" width="264" /></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank" title="IndianOil HDFC Credit Card"><span style="color:#27ae60"><strong>IndianOil HDFC Credit Card</strong></span></a> is a great option for cardholders who are looking for a card that offers a variety of fuel-saving benefits. The card is also packed with other features and benefits that make it a valuable addition to any wallet. Some of its key features are:</p> <ul> <li>Earn 5% of your spending as Fuel Points at IndianOil outlets</li> <li>Earn 5% of your spending&nbsp;as Fuel Points on Groceries and Bill Payments</li> <li>1 Fuel Point for every ₹150 spent on all other purchases&nbsp;</li> <li>Free&nbsp;IndianOil XTRAREWARDSTM Program (IXRP) membership</li> <li>&nbsp;Up to 50 days of interest-free credit period</li> <li>Convert your big purchases into EMIs after purchase</li> </ul> <h2><strong>5. 6E Rewards Indigo HDFC Credit Card</strong></h2> <p><img alt="" height="167" src="" width="249" /></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank" title="6E Rewards IndiGo HDFC Credit Card"><span style="color:#27ae60"><strong>6E Rewards IndiGo HDFC Credit Card</strong></span></a><span style="color:#27ae60"> </span>is a good option for frequent IndiGo flyers and those who spend a significant amount on groceries, dining, and entertainment. The card also offers a variety of other benefits, including airport lounge access, golf lessons, and international transaction cashback.</p> <p><strong>Key Features</strong></p> <ul> <li>2.5% 6E Rewards on IndiGo flight bookings made through the IndiGo website or app</li> <li>2% 6E Rewards on grocery, dining, and entertainment spending</li> <li>1% 6E Rewards on all other spending</li> <li>1 free flight ticket worth ₹1500, 1 free 6E Prime Add-On - Priority check-in, choice of seat, a complimentary meal</li> <li>Discounted convenience fee on IndiGo tickets - ₹150 per passenger</li> </ul> <h3><strong>Conclusion</strong></h3> <p><strong><a href="" target="_blank" title="HDFC Bank Credit Cards"><span style="color:#27ae60">HDFC Credit Cards</span></a></strong> are a great way to manage your finances. They offer a wide range of options, attractive offers and rewards, flexible payment options and more. Let&#39;s not forget the points you can earn while doing your favourite things. You can earn points towards travel and cash back on every purchase you make using this card. Points can be redeemed at any time, so there&#39;s no need to wait until you&#39;ve accumulated enough before redeeming them.<br /> <br /> If you&#39;re looking for an easy-to-use <strong><a href="" target="_blank" title="50+ Best Credit Cards in India 2023: Compare &amp; Apply Online"><span style="color:#27ae60">credit card</span></a></strong> that will help you stay on top of your finances, then HDFC Credit Cards can&nbsp;be the right choice for you!</p>